Three Apps to Keep You Busy at the Airport

Three Apps to Keep You Busy at the Airport

Technology changes almost daily; even more so the handsets and mobile devices we use. As these devices advance, so do the apps that make them tick – and the more apps you have, the cooler your mobile becomes. These days there’s an application for almost anything: communication, entertainment, exercise… even switching on multiple remote devices that are linked to the one you carry with you can be done in just a few clicks.

The best thing about mobile apps is that it gives you access to everything you need; the world is virtually at your fingertips. You no longer have to wait for friends to return a call: instant messaging enables you to send and receive messages in a flash. Photos, music and videos are readily available; and things like shopping online or getting the latest news updates is as easy as one, two, three. Long queues are a thing of the past with banking apps, and even your favourite podcasts are now accessible in the palm of your hand. It’s no wonder app stores are considered one of the top online shopping avenues!

So what happens when you’re sitting at the airport waiting for a flight? Check-in and boarding times are usually quite a long time apart; how do you keep from falling asleep in your terminal seat? Most airports have good Wi-Fi networks and is easily accessible while you’re at the airport, and with so many apps to choose from there’s no reason to be bored while waiting for your flight or the arrival of a loved one.

Here are three top applications for you to enjoy on your mobile device:

Three Apps to Keep You Busy at the Airport


Streaming videos is nothing new, but the demand for instant access to the best shows on TV is at an all-time high. Hulu is a subscription app, and gives you access to all the best shows and TV series’ available. With Hulu, you don’t need to wait for your favourite show to air or search tirelessly for that old classic, simply subscribe and access it all right in the palm of your hand. Much like other streaming apps, Hulu needs a data or Wi-Fi connection, a quick and easy signup and in just a few clicks you can be relaxing in the airport lounge, and watching Fox TV as if you’re in the comfort of your home.

Three Apps to Keep You Busy at the Airport


Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. Everyone loves a good game that can keep them entertained for however long they wish – let’s face it, the more fun or challenging, the longer you spend playing. But who doesn’t love games where you can win more than just points and advance to the next level? Royal Vegas Online Mobile Casino gives you instant access to a realistic casino lobby on any smartphone or tablet.
Simply search for Royal Vegas Casino on your browser and start playing anywhere, anytime. Play the best slots, card games and speciality games while winning fantastic cash rewards. While many are sceptical about online gaming, Royal Vegas Online Casino ensures secure banking when making transactions and all personal information is kept private. The fun doesn’t have to be confined to the walls of a land based casino. You could be boarding your flight with a whole lot more than just luggage; why not cash in on the fun.

Three Apps to Keep You Busy at the Airport


In the old days there were bookies and TABS where you’d go to check the latest sports scores and keep up with which team is in the lead in your favourite sports category. Then television came and news updates made things a little easier… But who wants to wait for the news report to hear the latest football stats, or which basketball player is being signed by which team? When you’re sitting in the airport terminal waiting for a delayed flight, where will you get updates on last night’s game? On your mobile, of course! The Score is a brilliant app that gives you all your sports information in a play-by-play fashion. You never have to miss a kick or hit while you’re on the move. The Score is a comprehensive sports application that is compatible with almost all handsets and is the best app to get real-time scores, fantasy stats and news on your favourite leagues, teams and players all in one place.

Waiting to catch a flight or that tiresome layover no longer has to be a bore with these top mobile apps to keep you busy at the airport.

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